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One Yard is taking over 1st recess & lunch recess Monday - Thursday. They are working with Baldwin's staff to create a fun & exciting play experience for all our students. The goal is more structured games during recess as well as working to put an end to bullying & childhood obesity. Please encourage your student to join in the fun! This program is the largest part of our budget. Part of every fundraiser throughout the year goes to fund it. Direct donations greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!


One Yard will be offering after school low cost sports & fitness opportunities for Baldwin students.

A Message from One Yard:

One Yard specializes in Youth and Recess Development. We plan on working close with your staff to make immediate impact on Day 1.

The Plan:

  • Create a safe and structured, yet FUN recess experience.
  • Work to eliminate bullying occurrences on the playground.
  • Engage students in healthy communication and problem solving.
  • Support School staff with behavior issues in students unwilling to comply with school rules.
  • Stimulate young minds through play to foster a more involved learning experience in the classroom.
  • HAVE FUN!!!
  • One School.
  • One Community.
  • One Yard.


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