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Parking Safety

Drop-off and Pick up Parking Reminder The violation received during our Fire Inspection on December 7, serves as a reminder to all our families that drive students to school, that there are several vehicle codes in place to ensure our safety. In order to facilitate the flow of traffic at our school, and as a matter of courtesy, please be conscious of the following:

*Do not park along a red curb.
This is a lane for emergency vehicles only. It is illegal by law to park along a red curb. All vehicles are required to park within properly marked designated parking spaces.
*Do not leave your vehicle unattended in the middle of the parking lot. This prevents the other cars from moving and thus creates a backup.
*Do not block any driveway at any time.
*Do not leave personal items visible. There has been at least 1 reported “smash and grab” vehicle incident in front of our school

​Upcoming Events
    Feb 27- March 3
Monday: 1st day back to school and 1st day BOOK FAIR and Mixed Bags...SEE Fundraiser tab

Tuesday: Early release 1:15pm 1st day 6th Science Camp!! 
Friday: Spirit Day "Disney Day" 
       March 6-March 10


Tuesday: Early release 1:15pm  



Coming Soon:​ 

Reminder: Book Fair begins 2/27-3/3 in Room 7 at Baldwin

Mixed Bags fundraiser begins

​Home and School Club meeting Monday 2:30pm 3/13 in Library and Tuesday 6:30pm 3/14 in Library

Family Dinner Night Casa Teresa 3/15 and 3/16 11:00 am- 8:30 pm BRING FLYER

Home and School Club

managed and funded

TECH ACADEMIES OF INNOVATION COMING TO JULIA BALDWIN ELEMENTARY 2016-2017See Programs under "About" for more details


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Welcome to Julia Baldwin Elementary School! We have smart and enthusiastic students who engage in a variety of learning experiences on their journey to becoming college and career ready. Our school community is made up of outstanding students, a dedicated staff of caring professionals, hard working parents, and a warm and supportive community. We work together for the success of all of the children at Baldwin Elementary School.

Common Dress

Our school dress code includes ONLY the following clothing:

NO red colored apparel!

SHIRTS:  (No white T-Shirts allowed).

Collared shirts Mon-Fri for boys and girls alike

SPIRIT WEAR:  shirts can be worn all days of the week without the need for collars

PANTS:  Pants cannot be worn down on the hips; if waist is too large, students must wear a belt. Otherwise parents will be phoned to bring other pants..

SHORTS:  Appropriate length shorts